Marcos Bulacio from Pangea

Pristine Ocean  Rivers. They are nature's conveyor belts powered by the pull of the moon. They run tirelessly day and night pumping not only water but also trash into the…

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Citizen Science

Seán Lynch from OpenLitterMap Seán from OpenLitterMap  And that day I remember it very well. My interest just shifted dramatically because up until that point I was interested in video games. …

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The Startup with Ben from Effekt Footwear

Effekt Footwear Pristine Ocean The Startup Fashion might be a statement about who you are, but mostly it's about feeling good with yourself, feeling good, not just in your skin, but in the clothes you're wearing.  For a lot of people, feeling good means that the materials also have to be sustainable.  Will consumers buy clothes and shoes that make this statement?  “I care about the environment”. The simple answer is we don't know.  But a startup in Austria wants to find out. They are creating a sneaker which they claimed to be the *trashiest* sneaker on the planet.  It's made almost entirely from materials recovered from the waste stream, including ocean plastics.  It's great idea, but will customers go for it?  If they had an enormous budget, they could have designed and produced the shoes and checked outthe market reaction, but a big budget was…

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