Charity Tokens

CleanOcean Pristine Ocean Charity Tokens Pristine Ocean You might have heard about some amazing stories about crypto currencies in the last few months. Stories about a currency shooting up to…

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Breaking the Plastic Wave

Offset your plastic usage Breaking the Plastic Wave Pristine Ocean This is the Pristine Ocean Podcast. The podcast that showcases people, projects and ideas that address the problem of marine plastic litter.  Plastic has a Jekill and Hyde character. Before the moment of consumption is a model citizen providing hygiene, longer food life and lower transport costs.  A moment after consumption, it becomes a worthless. Owned and loved by no one. …

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Carter Cleanup with Ashwin

Pristine Ocean  I remember an incident that happened to me sometime ago. I was walking down the shopping street in a large metropolitan city. It was in fact London and the street was Oxford Street, but it could have been anywhere.  It was late in the day on a Saturday and I was literally up to my knees in trash.  Trash that shoppers had thrown away into the street.  I was shocked, but more than that I just felt so helpless.  I felt so alone.  Everybody must find this normal to be wading through trash, I thought. But if someone spoke out, I'm sure the people would sign up. Something was missing. …

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