Pyrolysis on Lombok, Indonesia

Waste Plastic to Oil with Andrew Sinclair We spoke to Andrew Sinclair from GTM Trash Management about setting up a pyrolysis reactor on Lombok, Indonesia Pristine Ocean Welcome to the Pristine Ocean podcast. I'm Peter hall.…

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Lombok Ocean Care

Lombok Ocean Care with Sakinah Pristine Ocean Welcome to the Pristine Ocean podcast. I'm your host, Peter Hall. The podcast talks to people around the world fighting the scourge of marine plastic litter.  Sakinah My God, people hate me because I'm always posting this pictures of of the rubbish container and send it to all government officials and all these WhatsApp groups and complaining too.  Pristine Ocean Maybe you've been thinking of visiting the country of Indonesia.  Although Bali is the destination of choice for many people, you might also consider the island of Lombok right next door.  Not so many tourists with friendly and relaxed locals.  You might be interested in pink sand beaches, old temples, rain forests, animals to observe, and the best snorkelling and diving, then Lombok might be your dream destination.  But like many item locations in Southeast Asia, Lombok‚Äôs waste disposal systems…

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